Lament for Boromir

- Shelob

Oh Boromir, oh Boromir, man of Gondor,
Far have you journeyed away from home.
On many roads of evil you wander,
So sad, the river Anduin, your tomb.

Friends you protected, giving your life,
Pierced by many arrows, fighting to the end.
Tho' your mind was corrupted, cause of much strife,
Your heart so loyal, call of horn on the wind.

Now we must leave you, bones in the water,
Mighty warrior of the white citadel.
Long will echo the sound of your laughter,
Many years remembered, with such bravery you fell.

Our tears join the river as it carries you down,
Sun shining brightly, like gold on your hair.
On some distant shore, may we meet, friends found,
Horn of Gondor sounding, once more in the air.