The Bet

- Shelob

Legolas the elf, sure shot with an arrow,
Cloak of grey, green leaf pin.
Stays on path straight and narrow,
Will do anything to help a friend.

Tall and lithe, fair of face,
Fond of woods, meadow and sea.
Striding with unmeasured grace,
Fighting to keep Middle Earth free.

Friends with hobbits and dwarf Gimli,
True allegiance to king of Rohan.
Orc and goblins are their enemy,
Elf and dwarf agree on a plan.

Deep halls of stone, dwarf as host,
If wielded ax, fells more foe.
Were arrows from bow to slay most,
Great trees of Old Forest, elf will show.

Although not friends in years past,
Together they have traveled far.
Through many perils, come at last,
One in spirit, under Elendil's star.