Lament of a She-Elf 

(sometime after last alliance of elves and men)

- suzie sheelf

My lover is gone, he is dead,
He died for Middle Earth or so they said.
He has gone; gone across the sea,
Waiting, awaiting, waiting for me

I go the havens a passage to seek,
Cirdan is there, an Istari to meet.
Your time has not come, young she-elf, he said,
Middle Earth still needs you, grave times are ahead.

What use am I, my one hope has gone,
Without him in my life, I feel all alone.
Be of brave heart, young elf maid said he,
Your lover is home, he`s safe and he`s free.

He will wait for you, till your time comes,
But in the mean time, there is work to be done.
This Istari, you will guide, to Imladris take him,
And await there with Lord Elrond, for your new life to begin.