The White and the Grey

Where I fall you cannot go
And do not hinder me,
I pass away from all this world
To grapple with my enemy
To thus fulfill my destiny.

The way is dark,
The way is cold and fraught
With pain, with bold
Design of nether-naught.
And I am caught

Within its grasp,
The unimagined terror
No more I clasp,
But yield now to this

Through ages long these
Eyes beheld,
The light upon this land
Has ebbed and swelled.
My sight now quelled

I seek another
Vision, a greater day,
A higher dawn, all
Shadow passed away.
I fall, I die, to stay,

To stand beyond all
Standing, when death
Is turned to day--

The fog then will be lifted,
The White
Surpass the Grey.

-© 2004 Sharon L. Shannon