Farewell to Lorien

LotR Object: Galadriel's gifts

A cloak of grey, a leaf of green

To be worn by a hobbit to go unseen

Unclasped and falling to the ground

Lost. Maybe. Hoping to be found.


Belts of silver and one of gold

Sheath for the sword, reforged from the old.

Arrows for Legolas and a long stout bow

Seeds for The Shire will be sure to grow.


Hearing her words, knowing her care

Seeing her face and the long braided hair

Nothing for Gimli just to behold

Three soft strands of pure spun gold.


A crystal phial, a light so bright

A glass to shine, where days are night

The ringbearer, last. The end still so far

For Frodo, the light of Earendil's star.

- Sam Wood