Sestinas by Samwisegirl

Sestina: The Fellowship

Mithrandir was a wizard of might.
For the hobbita he had great love.
He feared for the fate of middle earth.
For the Fellowship he was thankful.
His kindness was his glory.
In Moria, he was feared lost.

In the woods of Fangorn, two hobbits were lost.
They met an Ent of wisdom and might.
His name was Treebeard, his voice was his glory.
The two little shirelings gave him their love.
For their new friend they were thankful.
For he was a shepherd of the earth.

Frodo Baggins is his name, savior of Middle Earth.
By the cracks of Mount Doom, he was feared lost.
For his faithful companion Sam he is thankful.
He resisted the ring with all his might.
But is was Samwise and his love,
that saved Frodo and led him to glory.

Gimli's axe was his glory.
He was the bravest dwarf in Middle Earth.
The lady of light was his love.
In Lothlorien his heart was lost.
He was a warrior of strength and might.
For his comrades he was thankful.

For his skills with the bow, Legolas was thankful.
He waited for Valinor, his journey to glory.
A friendship with the dwarf just might
be the longest lasting in Middle Earth.
One comrade at Amon Hen lost;
The others he would always cherish and love.

He waould always treasure the elf-maiden's love.
For his life among the elves he was thankful.
This heir of Isildur they thought was lost.
He would lead his people to peace and glory.
Elessar, king of Gondor, nobility of Middle Earth.
He wielded Narsil with all his might.

Ring awakened was once lost; can only be defeated by goodness and love.
Fighting with all their might; for the fellowship all peoples were thankful.
Their quest was their glory; recorded forever in the history of Middle Earth.