Sam’s self-portrait

When I look in the mirror
This is what I see
A stupid, fat hobbit
With whom no one wants to be

I am not brave
I am not smart
I am not handsome
But I have a good heart

The lass named Rosie
She does not see
Why would she want
A simple gardener like me?

My aspirations are humble
My dreams are true
One day to have a wife
And some children, too

To have a garden
As beautiful as Old Gaffer’s
To teach my children
To live with much laughter

I must follow my master
He is going on a quest
To rid the world of evil
He will not rest

Our companions are true
I care for them all
If a hobbit were as big as his heart
I’d be ten feet tall

My master is weary
I see it in his eyes
Will no one help him?
Am I the only one that tries?

I will stick by him
To the bitter end
I could not ask for
A better friend

I am Samwise Gamgee
Humble gardener at the start
Husband, father, and friend now
And to all I give my heart