Rain Falls

- Samwisegirl
Pitter- pat
I feel a drop
wet, on my face

Here comes the rain
the sky opens
it hammers down

I cannot see
over this blasted wall!

Tell me when they come
Will you Legolas?
Be my eyes

I hear the rain
it drums a tune on my helmet
in time to the blood
singing in my veins
and the beating
of my heart

I am drenched
My beard drips
it does not matter
as long as I can see

See those blasted orcs
kill those blasted orcs!

Defend the keep
honor the king
protect my friends
save the people
the women
the children

No orc shall pass me!
Shall we keep score Legolas?
I will beat you yet!

My face upturned
catching the rain drops
in my mouth

This battle is nearly won.......