A Grand Adventure

My heart quickens
I can feel the blood
pulsing through my veins
Death I do not fear
I sneer at pain
There is nothing that can harm me

If I am bold
If I am quick
I can make my axe sing
a most glorious song
of war, and battle, and valor
Noble warrior am I
Ready to fight for my comrades
to take any blow that comes my way

Fear, Bah!
I laugh at you!
What is fear?
My mission is not to fear
but to protect
protect the ring
protect the ringbearer
protect the fellowship
Until I breathe my last

This quest is an adventure
the greatest of my life
I have made new friends
I have fallen in love
I have helped
in restoring our middle earth
to its former glory
our fair elf queen spoke true
yes, even a small creature
can make a difference

Even me.............
-Samwisegirl, June 2003