Balin’s Tomb

It was silent
It was dark
Nothing moved
In the stillness.

The dead told their tale
In the book by the tomb.
“We cannot get out.
They are coming.”

No one would know
How valiantly they fought
How brave they were
How they did not despair.

Dwarves are fighters
To the bitter end
They wrote the words
In hopes that someone would find them.

Dust collected on the dead
And all was dark
All was silent
Except the light on Balin’s tomb.

It shone so brightly
It shone so white
And clear
And beautiful.

One dwarf did find them
A fellowship of nine found them
And mourned their loss
And fought for them.

‘There is one dwarf left
in Moria that still draws breath”
He fought for his friends
Beside the tomb of his kin.

Balin will always be remembered
By the son of Gloin
By the one who shed tears
And was not afraid to fight.