Gimli's Attributes

My dwarven helm
protects my head
it is strong and sturdy
sort of like me

My dwarven eyes
They are not keen
They are blind to
what’s right in front of me

My dwarven axe
it can kill, it can destroy
but can it create?
Can it do nothing but harm?

My dwarven ears
Will not hear
The truth about the elves
and the races of men

My dwarven beard
braided, full of red and brown
it is thick and tangled
like my thoughts

My dwarven hands
good at unearthing jewels
were clumsy and stiff
clutching the golden hairs

My dwarven heart
before was empty
now loves the golden
lady of the wood

My dwarven soul
feels the fire of battle
the fury at the evil
that surrounds me