Samwise's Tale

- Rosie Cotton

It was a chilly autumn day of the year 1435 S.R. The last leaves were torn off the trees by a ferocious wind and rain splashed against the windows of Bag End . But inside it was warm and cosy. A fire crackled in the hearth and by the fireplace in a big armchair there sat Master Samwise. Seven pairs of childrens eyes, some blue, some brown were fixed intently on him. “ A tale, Da, tell us a tale”, Goldilocks pleaded. “ Yes, please do !” joined in her brother Frodo, “ Shall I tell you about the elves tonight ?”, Sam asked. “No” cried Hamfast, “I want to hear somethin’ real frightening !” “ Lad, I’ll tell you a real frightening story and no mistake, but don’t blame me if your hair will be gone all white, will ya ?” All the Gamgee children listened with anticipation…..

Tonight I woke up in the middle of the night
when there wasn’t even a shaft of light
and I thought that instead of at home in my bed
I once was again in the old spider’s web.

That horrid beast did bring Mr. Frodo down
And I – without hesitation or even a frown
took his sword Sting and thrust it into it’s belly
out came a gush of spider blood that was very smelly.

The spider moaned and crawled back to it’s lair
I hope that it did die of its wound or hunger there.
Poor Mr. Frodo lie there as if he was dead
I knew no more and drew my hood over my head.

First I couldn’t think, I’ve been much too sad
what on earth could have done a small hobbit lad ?
Then I resolved myself and took the sword Sting
and after much more thinking even the Ring.

“Mr. Frodo, I’ll be back when the job is done”
I said and “Rest you quiet till I come”
I made my feet walk out into the gloom
Had no idea how to get to Mt. Doom.

But then all of a sudden this plan went astray
As Orcs found my master and took him away
And I heard them saying that he wasn’t dead
Oh Samwise, I told myself, don’t trust your head !

Soon I’ll tell you the rest of the tale
How in the tower I found Frodo alive but still pale
And all the stupid orcs had killed themselves
And we got out helped by the light of the elves.