Merry and Pippin

- Rosie Cotton

Let’s hear about Pippin and Merry
Small hobbit lads they were.
Their feet were bare and hairy
And curly was their hair.

They followed their cousin and friend
Frodo was his name.
They set out to leave their land
Thought it to be a game.

Their journey was long and perilous,
Over and under mountains they went.
Until they came to the falls of Rauros
And were sundered from Frodo their friend.

By orcs they were captured and bound
As those broke Boromir’s horn.
By the shepherd they were found
In the old forest Fangorn.

They freed Isengard with the help of the Ents
And found weed for their delight.
They reencountered their hunters and friends
And also Gandalf the White.

They were bound together in friendship
Thought they’d never be apart.
Then one day Merry lost Pip;
It nearly broke his heart.

Pip glanced into the Seeing Stone
And felt the evil power of Mordor.
So Merry went to Theoden’s throne
And Gandalf took Pip to Gondor.

Many a battle did they both fight
For Gondor and Theoden so brave.
Great was their courage and also their fright
Until in the end they were save.

Now you finally know the rhyme
Of Merry and Pippins mission-quest-thing
And all this happened in ancient time
As told in the tale of the Ring.