June Song

The morning sky pale blue
Earendil waving good-bye
making way for the sun
Meadows sparkled
with dewy gems
Green shadows dancing
under the elder bush
weaving a lace cloth
on the mossy ground

The sun now rising in the sky
drinking up the cups of dew
and opening the rose-buds
turning them into dancing maidens
flaunting their coloured skirts
Scents of hay and clover
drifting by and mingling
with delicious flower waft.
Children picking strawberries
cheeks flushed and mouths reddened
by the sweet fruity saps

The sky in rosy splendour
dusk sending the sun to sleep
under a starry blanket
Glow worms dancing among the trees
evoking memories of an elven train
drifting off into far-away lands.