- Rosie Cotton

It's my very first attempt at poetry in english. I'm quite skilled with words in my own tongue, but even there I fail when it comes to poetry.   I just made this up for fun, not following any form or rules.

There lived an elf in Rivendell
whose elven name was Giledhel.
She cleaned her house all night and day
until the other elves did say :
O Gilbereth - o Earendil !
Your home shines like a silmaril !

Then one day out of Rivendell
to battle went pure Giledhel.
On the Gladden Fields she met the Dark Lord -
and hasn't had for her defence a sword !
He spoke : Now you shall meet your doom !
But se just swept him away with her broom !

O Gilbereth - o Earendil !
Your courage shines like a silmaril !