The Courtship of Master Samwise

He’s walking across the meadows
As a mild summer breeze blows
That’s gently caressing his face
And quickening his resolute pace.

The sky’s a deep watery blue
The barley’s painted a golden hue
The sun spills its warming light
Today everything is happy and bright.

Some lads wave him a jolly hello
As past their farmlands he does go.
For him luckily no work’s to do
His business today is that to woo.

People may wonder wither Sam goes
Do they suspect it’s to see his Rose ?
A few steps more and his knee he’ll bend
To ask Cottons’ fair daughter for her hand.

Courtship II

She’s sitting in her maiden room
Awaiting the calling of her groom
Eager not to show that she’s blushing
Or how the blood in her veins is rushing.

For more than a year she longed for today
for him to come and what he had to say.
Her friends had told her to give up hope
But she always answered them “ oh nope”.

She always knew that some day in her life
She was going to be young Gamgee boy’s wife.
When she had danced with him under the tree
It was perfectly clear : this was meant to be.

Now he’s here, he opens the door -
looking better than ever before !
A few steps more and his knee he’ll bend
To ask Cotton’s fair daughter for her hand.