- Ringwraith-Wife

A Ballade for the King of Rohan

In Edoras, he was the King
But witless, though, he had no sense
For Wormtongue fed him "anything"
Which he "ate whole" at great expense
(Worm labored under "great pretense")
And Eowyn said: "your son dies..."
"Please come to him, your excellence..."
But Theoden just closed his eyes.

When King, to life, did Gandalf bring
The Worm, he pleaded innocence
When banished, he spat at a KING
To Sar-u-man, pled reverence.
Then, Theoden showed reticence
and would not answer Gondor's cries
Though all decried "It makes no sense!"
But Theoden just closed his eyes.

Helms Deep was fought, the battering
was grim, there was much consequence
Elves died, with men, against ONE RING
Still, Sauron showed intransigence
When Rohan, Gondor, made defense
Under blue Pelanoran skies
The Lord of RingWraiths called:"KING!!"... Tense.
But Theoden just closed his eyes.

Eowyn stood, IT felled her King
She looked the RingWraith in it's eyes
Bravely she fought (that NO MAN thing)
But Theoden just closed his eyes.