Some Mother's Son

- Ringwraith-Wife

A Ballade for the Mouth


Even he was once a child
This corrupt, accursed, manling
Played with orcs, ran uruk-hai wild
Behind the gates of One Ring.
He was SOME mother's offspring.
Born so wan, no paragon
This evil child kissed one thing-
The cursed Mouth of Sauron.

He aped Sauron, when he smiled
His mind began to unsling
Smaller creatures he defiled
Their orcish necks would he wring
To SAURON GREAT did he cling.
Sauron noticed him, anon
And in his ear would He "sing"-
The cursed Mouth of Sauron.

Slimes and things he gave the child
Fell meats and treats for eating
Broke his teeth and had them filed
His skin disease, not treating.
Made of him His underling
One that He could rely on
Bade His puppet "Play one thing-
The cursed Mouth of Sauron."

Black Gates door bell did it's thing
He put that famous smile on
(Lost his head to the new King)
The cursed Mouth of Sauron.