Eowyn, Lady of Rohan

So beautiful so fair,
Wormtongue watches her from afar,
Haunting her footsteps.
Yet he will not have her,
He cannot have her.

When Theodred is dead,
Her grief cannot be worded,
Her sorrow overcomes her,
She falls to pieces inside.

Theoden is in a state,
He cannot control his body,
Theoden is like a puppet,
With Wormtongue twiddling his strings.

Eomer is her only hope,
Her brother, her protector.
She seeks refuge in his presence.
For her uncle, he is lost.

She takes the armour,
The shield, the sword,
And rides out with the armies,
Willing to sacrifice her own life,
For her people.
Eowyn, lady of Rohan
- Rindoien