Will I Remember

For Galadriel

I’ve walked through the trees with sun beams falling,
Gazed at a golden Mallorn tree,
Heard an Elf sigh low at evening,
Dreamed as a ship waits long for me.

I’ve helped a wanderer choose his path,
Heard a flowing river sing,
Wished to the stars when night starts falling,
Seen an Elanor welcome spring.

And through these woods I’ve slowly wandered,
And heard a bird sing of the end,
And every time I’ve heard that song,
A smile helps my heart mend.

There’s a ship waiting in the havens,
Prepared to cross the sea foam,
And the trees across the sea are fair,
Yet there’s fairer trees at home.

And I’ll always remember the summers,
The quite walks through my Mallorn trees.
The distance is so long and lonesome,
From my home to across the western seas.

Will I stand lonely on the white shores beyond?
Will I forget all I’ve heard and I’ve seen?
Will I walk through the trees here and gaze at them more?
Will I forget all the times that have been?

When I’ve heard the wind blow gently on the water,
When the twilight falls softly on the tips of the trees,
I remember my wishes to the stars in the night,
And my home across the rolling seas.

- Queen of Gondor