Until the End

I don’t know how to get it back,
The feelings of life that I now do lack,
I feel exhausted, ready to sleep,
But my eyes first must empty and weep.

The stars that glittered so divine,
Now to me have vanished and are no longer fine,
The grass on the hillside where flowers grow,
It calls to me but the scent of the flowers I do not know.

The sun on my face that used warm me,
Makes me grow dim and I run and flee,
The birds welcoming cheerful song,
Always makes me sigh and long.

Have I forgotten all these things,
The things that happiness used to bring?
Have I lost all sense of wanting?
Perhaps its my memories that are forever haunting.

But I smile at the sight of being home,
Having the wild woods to ever roam,
The sight of my friends who are not alone,
And never again will I hear them moan.

I may miss the new places,
I may miss the new faces,
But as long as I have a faithful friend,
I will be happy here until the end.

- Queen of Gondor