One True Friend

He looked toward the shadow
As he began to fade,
Not anyone could help him now,
But a promise once was made.

Though someone was always there,
Standing right beside him,
Who guided him, and helped him through,
When all hope was growing dim.

And when he began to lose all hope,
Of ever getting there,
To the place where only smoke arises,
To those black lands you only see with an everlasting stare.

But through the hills, the mountains, the plains,
You saw something on the ground,
The shadow of your one true friend,
Who made sure you were never lost, and only ever found.

And now I’m waving goodbye to you,
And leaving you alone,
You will be quite alright though,
My everlasting resting stone.

You always were standing by me,
Unto the very end,
I was never left alone,
My lovely one true friend.

- Queen of Gondor