Towards the Shadow

Towards the shadow,
The darkness creeps,
The creatures pull you in,
Nothing that resembles light,
Nor life, or love, or warmth,
And good friends looking after you,
And all you want to do now,
Is give up and let it go,
Because what festers in the dark,
Will never let you know,
What you smell and eat and feel,
Not even what you breathe,
Is all in your imagination,
It will never set you free,
Though on you look as it calls,
Into the darkest tunnels,
Deep into the earth and mountain sides,
You’ll live on into the ages,
The eyes of every evil creature,
Will always look upon you,
So you must get this task finished,
Get rid of this horrid burden,
Unless you do not mind being pulled right in,
Towards the shadow...

- Queen of Gondor