You Stole My Heart

No words do I have for you now,
None that are full of love,
For you stole my heart,
And I never really got it back.

For I may love someone,
I may smile in their presence,
But forever will I miss it,
And you will carry a small piece.

How can someone regain their heart?
When for so long they cared for someone,
When for so long they forgot all else,
When for so long they met much sorrow.

How did I continue to love you,
When all I got was a simple look,
And then you tell me there is nothing with you,
I still loved you.

My love waned for you,
Slowly it stated to disappear,
Slowly I gained a small bit back,
But I still don’t have one part.

Never would I show this to the one I love,
Never would I make him miserable,
For, would he forgive me?
Would he still love me?

Yet I will continue to have a small space left,
Which will never fill again,
For you have stolen it from me,
Never will it return.

But I will care for you,
Not as one that I love,
Nor cherish,
But as one to keep your spirits up.

You never helped me with that,
But you already had someone,
I had no one,
Until now...

- Queen of Gondor