Song for Éowyn

The lady of the Golden Hall
Who mourns through night and day,
Her fair face always scarred with tears,
Because she cannot look away.

Always facing her lonely past,
When life she knew was good,
And then she grew into world of darkness,
Always surrounding her,
And the light never shone with brightness.

The wars of life were here,
And her loved ones ever spread apart,
For she was all alone,
Left with her breaking heart.

One day he walked in,
Fair of face,
Strong of heart,
Filled the missing place.

Who she loved was noble,
Was brave and kind,
And yet he loved another,
There would be no other find.

So she wept for all her sorrow,
And then she rode to war,
Where she defeated the fell beast,
And then she found much more.

Family at her side,
Someone new she loved in life,
Who cared for her with all his heart,
And now she was his wife.

The tale of maiden fair,
All turned out in the end,
To be better than she knew,
And time she well had spent.

Time she well had spent…

- Queen of Gondor