My Sister

The light from the moon shines upon thee,
As you gaze down at white flowers free,
As they grow on the warriors grave,
Of fair people so noble and brave.

‘Why should my sister lie broken?
Asleep and not heard, a war token.
Why should my sister endure,
Whilst the healers ponder a cure?’

Golden sunlight shines on the pale lilies face,
Which shows all the beauty and grace.
And thy sister still lies in the bed,
Healing from pain, with words softly said.

‘My sister please come back to me.
From the shadows I beg you to flee.
My sister, I want to hold you once more,
Please turn from deaths darkest door.’

But the Shieldmaiden lies still in her place,
And a tear appears on your face.
And you clasp her hand in yours tightly,
And the light in the room now grows brightly…

‘My sister your glow has now returned,
From the shadow you bravely have turned.
My sister I can now hold you once more,
Having thee with me is like ending a war.’

- Queen of Gondor