A Shadow

A shadow may linger on saddened hearts,
just as a flower won’t bloom in the snow.
Though shadows linger always forever,
eating away at whatever you know.

Light may be darkened by shadows,
just as the sun is covered with clouds.
Yet the clouds always will move out of the way,
for sun to light up the faces of crowds.

Happiness is yet to be shown to those
who care for life and for love.
And hearts are soon to be mended,
to resemble a shimmering white dove.

The crownless will always be crowned,
as nervous as the crowned one might be.
And snow and clouds will always depart,
and the ill will be sent to the sea.

Just as light can be covered with darkness,
a shadow can be lit up with light.
And the snow and the clouds
will lose all of their might.

A smile is a gift to be given,
just as a flower is meant to bloom.
And a heart filled with sorrow and grief,
will always for a smile, make room.

Pushing away someone who loves you,
is casting a shadow around.
As a shadow is cast,
many hearts falter and fall to the ground.

For a simple grieved look is a shadow,
and will hurt the hearts of the brave.
For the brave who yet yearn for a battle,
yearn not for their soul to be set in a grave.

And those who yearn for a battle,
do not want to be locked in a cage.
Unable to fight and never will know,
will set upon them a quivering rage.

In the hearts of those with a shadow,
in their minds is also a thought.
Of the world all around them,
and a battle still yet to be fought.

Fight off the shadow and reel in the smile,
blow away the clouds and melt the snow,
for a new love and new world
you have yet still to know.

As life still shakes from memories gone,
send forth their souls to the sea.
come and rest upon this white shore,
and spend the rest of the ages with me.

For shadows here no longer linger,
and life blooms with sleep and much rest,
and your life from the past will be healed,
for your life is but only a test.

- Queen of Gondor