No More

- Queen of Gondor

I can still see them
Not running as I had told them
Their faces are scared
Yet I must defend them
There are too many
Will there ever be
No more?

I can see it as I fight
Black and feathered
Made from the hands of the enemy
Embedded in my chest
I must keep fighting
Or my friends will be
No more.

Two now
Black with death
For they were made for that
I can see tears in my friend’s eyes
They must run
Or they will be
No more.

The pain is unbearable
They do not run yet
They try to help
I fall to my knees
They are taken
They will be
No more.

I can see my captain
He runs to help me
I sit against a tree
Closing my eyes
Yet still watching
My enemy is
No more.

I can hear his words
I say farewell
My brother, my captain, my king
My friend,
I am
No more.