A Sleepless Malice

A cool night chills the saddened hearts
Of the war that is yet to come,
The stars above glitter down
Reflecting the golden plain,
And the black sky shines with saddened beauty,
Small tears are shed like rain.

The darkness sings to all who watch
And the tears yet fall out of the eyes
Of those who are yet alive.
A lonely bird sings one last song
And still a soft wind brushes face,
Some sleep, but not for long.

The starry dome just sits and watch
All of the tears and pain below,
Some sit and wish up to the sky
For a little bit of hope,
Just shedding one last tear,
And hoping ever to cope.

A sleepless malice destroys all hope
As a first move is being made,
More tears are shed from sleepy eyes
Who wish not to go to sleep,
For a nightmare is in their waking world
Not only in their dreams, a nightmare reaching deep.

One star is all that’s left up high,
One star that brings all hope,
To the hearts of all is hope rejoiced.
A golden sun begins to rise,
A warm breeze now brushes faces,
No more tears fall from saddened eyes.

- Queen of Gondor