Lonely Tears

She removed the helm from her head,
And revealed her flowing hair,
The king just watched in shock,
As she showed him her face so fair.

She swung her sword with all her force,
And protected herself that way,
She struck the foul king in the face,
She had defeated him that day.

She crawled right to her uncle,
Who lay broken on the ground,
He smiled at her and closed his eyes,
Peace now is what he found.

She cried for her uncle long,
On the fields of Pelennor,
She fell asleep with tear stained face,
When she woke she found love more.

His fair face greeted her in all his might,
And he looked at her from his heart,
She smiled at him and only thought,
How would she ever start.

How she loved a man who loved her not,
Who was to have a princess bride,
There was no hope in that direction,
So turned to one with so much pride.

Yet he knew deep in his heart,
That she loved Aragorn,
The way she looked at him so kind,
Faramir would have to mourn.

Éowyn soon told him so,
That she had loved him dear,
But when she knew that it was hopeless,
She gave up and regained all fear.

But now I love you with all my heart,
She told to Faramir,
They smiled and embraced,
And each shed a lonely tear.

- Queen of Gondor