I know I’m home,
But I just can’t feel it,
My mind has forgotten it,
It’s peacefulness,
It’s pleasantness,
The stars and moon at night,
The sun in the day,
The warm winds in the autumn,
The first snow of winter,
The feel of my feet in the brook.

My friends surround me,
I can see them,
But I just can’t feel them,
Their hand reach to me to help,
But I ever push them away,
Do I really want help,
Do I want to remember,
Or do I just want to continue on,
Pretending that I’m fine,
Or should I run to them?

I sit now and look at maps,
I finally understand,
That feeling of wanting something,
More than ever,
Tears welling in my eyes,
When I think that I just can’t do it,
Where would I go,
What would I do,
Or should I just sit here and wonder?

Why do I always sit perplexed,
News from the world beyond,
Which is very little,
Why do I live in a state of knowing,
That I might linger here and never see,
Never see all of the nooks and crannies of this vast world,
Explore the fields, the mountains, the hills,
I only sit her and drip my tears on parchment,
Because this is my way of telling,
What I truly feel,
Is loneliness.
- Queen of Gondor