Sometimes when the lights go down,
I see lights a-flame in the trees,
I hear soft singing on the wind,
As these lights head for the western seas.
Long I watch their beauty shimmer,
Silver in the glowing moonlight,
Long I listen for their soft words,
Bringing hope into the darkest night.

Sometimes when the lights go down,
I hear their whispers calling,
And sometimes when I hear these sounds,
I feel my heart as it starts falling.
For I would follow them willingly,
To the white shores beyond the stars,
But for these feelings that stay my feet,
I’d escape these green hills, my bars.

Sometime when the lights go down,
I see these lights stop walking,
I hear the sadness in their voices,
Singing songs, but never talking.
Sometimes one of them turns their head,
And looks into my eyes and soul,
And seems to read my secrets,
My hidden songs not told.

Sometimes when the lights go down,
I see a smile escape the forest dark,
‘Tis silver in the glowing moon,
And more than ever stark.
These lights endure more sadness,
Than a tree without its leaves,
These lights live on forever,
And their soul forever grieves.

Sometimes when the lights go down,
A tear falls from my eyes as I watch these lights,
No matter how much hope they have,
Their wounds wont heal in the glowing night.
I often wonder where they’re going,
The hidden paths they take,
But I’m most content to just watch and listen,
Their words forming tears that could drown a lake. the lights go down...

- Queen of Gondor