The Last Stand

Mordor marches through its gate,
To decide all mortal men’s fate.
With nothing but a fools last hope,
Frodo climbs a rocky slope.

The rightful King yelled with might,
“This day we fight!”
As the rightful King started to run,
Sauron would get his justice done.

Arrows pierce the silent air,
As Legolas and Gimli count their share.
Friends together and friends apart,
All as one in their heart.

When all hope was fading away,
The great eagles saved the day.
As the ring fell from hand to hand,
Sméagol fell into molten land.

Frodo breathed the free fresh air,
And all the lands were safe and fair.
A new King upon the throne,
Four brave Hobbits left for home.

- Queen of Gondor