At Journey's End

When at last you’ve reached your journey’s end,
You will see all happiness and light,
And then you’ll see on the horizon,
Shining waters and the stars above.

Shimmering on your fair pale skin,
And lighting up your teary eyes,
Reflecting against you in a light,
That’s showing you for who you are.

The sky above will slowly darken,
And you’ll smile with all your gentle heart,
And soon you’ll have some peace at long last,
Across the waters in a new land that’s home.

You then will have to turn to them,
Tears will sting in their shining eyes,
And then you’ll have to say goodbye,
And leave them with a longing smile.

At last you’ll take my hand and walk,
To the boat that shall bare you forth,
With one last glance back at the shore,
You’ll forever remember.

The looks upon their saddened faces,
Will cause you to grieve for little time,
For in their wizened minds they thought,
Of your bitter sweet journey for home.

At last you’ll arrive on white shores,
Under a paling moon calling,
Your final smile and longing tears,
Will rid you of lingering thoughts.

Of all the memories of then,
When you journeyed through dark so cold,
And now they will not bother you,
Under the moon on these white shores.

Though forever you’ll see their faces,
Of the ones who ever helped you through,
Under clouded skies above your head,
When at last you’ve reached your journeys end.

- Queen of Gondor