If Only

If only light could guide you,
If only your bright blue eyes didn’t cast a lonely stare,
If only you could lie back down and sleep,
If only you were home, with the ones who really care.

If only you didn’t see the eye,
If only you could have nice dreams,
If only you could lift the weight,
If only life would be much better, with bubbling brooks and lovely streams.

If only you could see your friends,
If only they were there with you,
If only you could smell nice roses,
If only you could choose, exactly what to do.

If only this had never happened,
If only you were never with the ring,
If only what you felt was soft feather pillows,
If only you could just sit down, and here the blue birds sing.

If only life was easy,
If only life was daffodils and meadows,
If only what you saw far there, was hills and grass and sky,
If only you were not cast in to these lonely shadows.

- Queen of Gondor