Calling Me Home

For Elrond

I no longer count the running years
or all the past spent Elven tears,
that now are falling in the sea,
for all my kin have sailed from me.

I watch alone as the leaves slowly fall,
averting my heart form the seas last call.
But always do my eyes gaze West,
for until I'm there, my heart won't rest.

My heart calls to see her face once more,
yet I won't until I reach that far white shore.
Her smile always brought me back to life.
My Love, Celebrian, my dearest Wife.

I silent wait as this world fades away,
as it fades and dims a golden sunray.
all the rivers will run so dry,
and all leaves will fall, as if to cry.

Yet how much longer will I wait
to take the boat before it's late?
On this land I could ever roam,
but for the sea which calls me home.

- Queen of Gondor