Far Away

I dream of seeing my home again,
Seeing the countryside everyday,
But in my heart I truly know,
That my home is far away.

Always in my childhood,
I dreamed of seeing new places,
But never did I actually mean,
To leave these friendly faces.

Sure I sometimes imagined it,
Beauty and splendor away,
I never thought I’d gaze upon it,
Somewhere, one day.

I didn’t think that I would see,
Such black lands over here,
I never thought that I would have,
Anything in my life to fear.

I always thought that if I traveled,
It would be somewhere peaceful,
Somewhere where I could sit and think,
Under the stars so beautiful.

But here I am,
Standing still,
In a black and smoky land,
But now only till…

I wake up in a cozy room,
And reunite with friends,
Who smiled at me and hugged me,
There were very many ends.

So never did I think,
That I would do these things,
But now that I have,
I feel truly pleased at what it brings.

And though I feel so tired,
That I could sleep forever,
In my home now,’
I know that I could never.

I never thought that this would come,
When I would wave goodbye,
But now it’s for the best,
And my friends, I beg you not to cry.

For though I will miss you all,
I know that this is what must be done,
And I love you all with all my heart,
Under this fading sun.
- Queen of Gondor