A Lord of Gondor Falls

Your eyes no longer water, yet your face is stained with tears,
You have travelled far from your home, and faced so many fears.
Now silently, I watch you lie here on the ground, valiantly dying,
And now all my emotions of you have risen, and I now stand here crying.

A bloody sword lies broken at your side, a cloven horn as well,
A saddening sign to all at your home, for they will know that you have fell.
Your clothes are red with blood, and hope with you shall remain.
Now in this Elven boat you lie, noble and now slain.

A grim smile is upon your face as we set you on the tide,
And all who defend your home, will know that you have died.
Valiant, noble, fair faced, strong minded, a just heart,
You fell defending what was right, my friend, you played your part.

- Queen of Gondor