Eternity Alone

- Queen of Gondor

I looked towards the sea foam.
I watched the ship rolling forth, moving away,
And I sighed at the sight of this as I realised what was happening,
My kin, my kind, were moving far away from me.
I wandered closer to the shore, my eyes never moving from the ship,
And I reached my arm out to gently stroke the wooden side
But as I reached,
The ship pulled away from me.

I could feel my heart beating more now as it finally dawned on me.
There would be no one else here to sit with me in the dark of the night,
Or wish with me to the stars in the sky.
I looked frantically about, hoping for a life sign
But there was none.
There was no way to get to the ship now
And it was only moving farther away from me now.
I was to be alone.

I pulled my voice and wanted to yell to the ship.
I could feel my mouth opening,
I knew the sound I wanted to make.
But there was nothing.
I decided to try to speak, calmly, more patiently,
But even then I could not hear my voice,
It was as if I had no voice to speak with.
No way to call for help.

And then I realised, finally,
As the ship was moving out of my eye line,
That there would be no other ship to bear me home.
I remembered the others, and I closed my eyes.
Oh how they pressed me to go with them!
But I refused, I wished to stay behind,
And I know now to regret that, because
I will be spending eternity alone now.