For what did this madness succumb to me?
A life of shallow thoughts with naught but memory.
A broken line of shattered shields and swords.
Why are words the only weapon strong enough?
Did I not see myself?

For what was my light taken from me?
True voices of melody and harmony in the moonlight?
O! What glory and honour took my eldest?
When all has failed and all is gone, he is no longer here.
I can do naught but sit and watch.

When all has come down to the last hour…
What brave soul dare stand up?
What long hall would one travel down to reach their escape…
My son…

Taken from me like the brightest star!
Now covered in cloud and smoke.
No more can be done to vanquish us from our doom.
I look for peace now…
Come with me…

Let us go now…
Let us burn like the heathen kings of old…
Let us escape.

- Queen of Gondor