Sadness of an Elf Queen

In the golden haze of sunlight, in a forest very fair,
An Elf Queen dwelled in harmony, grey eyes, long golden hair.
Her footsteps trod the mossy floor under the silver trees,
Long she awaited her very last trip, over the Western Seas.

Green leaves would bud, and flowers grew,
Though on this Earth, so little she knew.
Not love, nor happiness was she aware,
No kiss she received on her face so fair.

She was distant, lonely, and so very wise,
Though sadness ever lingered, in her deep grey eyes.
She couldn’t bring herself to sing of all she’d ever lost,
Her sadness grew with the chill of every Winter’s frost.

Elves, they linger ever on, until they are called home,
And this Elf Queen had waited, to sail over the sea’s white foam.
Through Autumn’s bringing Winter, and Winter’s bringing Spring,
This Elf Queen just lingered on as power faded from her ring.

Though not just yet was she allowed to leave,
So many webs of golden, that there were yet to weave.
More hope and courage was there for her to bring,
To all the ones who stood before her, including the exiled King.

And he was yet the hardest one that she had ever spoke to,
For he still loved a vision that perhaps would not be true.
Inside her heart she grieved for him, and before her appeared some tears,
She sighed and kissed the top of his head, he would soon face all his fears.

Though one person stood before her, who taught her much by size,
She contemplated his sad thoughts, there was much for him to realize.
So she extended her hand out, and pulled him to his feet,
So much sadness, grief, and hurt was he about to meet.

So in the golden haze of sunlight, in an enchanted forest lair,
An Elf Queen dwelled in sadness, tears streaked her face so fair.
Her footsteps trod the mossy floor under the fading trees,
And she prepared for her last trip, over the Western Seas.

- Queen of Gondor