Don't You Let Go

- Queen of Gondor

Don’t you remember my promise?
The promise that I made so long ago,
Now it seems that way.
I’ve tried to hold to it, but the truth be,
Mr. Frodo, I needed your help.
I watched as you grew with your burden,
I watched as it got heavier,
As you got lonelier and more tired,
As you were slowly letting go,
Not only of the world, but of yourself.
I ask but one question now, Mr. Frodo,
Was it worth it?
For only you now, can make the judgement,
Only you can choose if your suffering was worth it,
Only you can choose.
And now I shall ask you not to do more,
To say no more,
To feel no more.
And Mr. Frodo, there are always tears,
no matter what you might say or do.
But if you go, then I go too,
for we are one in a whole.
But I will tell you one more thing,
And by all that you have left in yourself,
I hope you listen.

But Sam, what do I have left?
What would I be coming back to?
I feel empty.
I have no more tears to spend,
no more cries to shout,
only wounds and memories,
I don't know if I want to live by them.
Please Sam, tell me:
what would I be coming back to?

Mr. Frodo, you'd be coming back to everything.
So please, don't you let go, not now.