Into Darkness

Into darkness, we will march,
With nothing but a spark of hope,
With little love and courage,
And together, we will cope.

Into darkness, we’ll be blinded with the evil,
We won’t see what lies ahead,
Through caves, towers and marshes,
And only more will come to dread.

Into darkness, we will hope,
With the will of all the races,
So we will carry on and on,
Though we still have many paces.

Into darkness, we will go together,
And I will promise one little thing,
That I will never lose you, nor never let you go,
And one day, you will once again, hear the blue birds sing.

Into darkness, you will be relieved,
Of you burden full of sorrow,
And although you have been injured,
At least you’ll see the free tomorrow.

- Queen of Gondor