Complete Darkness

- Queen of Gondor

Strange how the city would go dark at night.
I imagined as a child that it would lighten up.
Weren’t the people afraid of the dark, like I was?
I often asked Mother about this, but she gave no answer,
Just a reassuring smile. It made me shiver to imagine
Complete darkness.

Sometimes I would ask to step out to the wall
And I would peer over. How high it was!
I remember that sensation as if I was falling,
And I felt someone gently placing my hand into theirs.
Father looked at me sternly and then smiled, he too didn’t like
Complete darkness.

That night seemed to stick with me. I could imagine
His hand holding mine. The warmth and love that
Seemed to emanate from it was overwhelming.
I imagined that Faramir would feel the same if
I were to hold his hand. He, though, was not afraid of
Complete darkness.

Strange how my eyes seem to be going dark,
Though I know it is not night time yet.
Only for me. It seems like an unusually short time
Since all that happened. I grew out of that fear quickly.
I don’t think I’ll even be able to recall that fear of
Complete darkness.

Not now. My eyes shut, but only light appears to me.