Remember This Day Little Brother

Faramir remembering the last time he saw Boromir, and also remembering the day when he found Boromir in the boat.

“Remember this day, little brother.”
He had said as he rode away,
To his own doom and my own,
And I met him again one day.

He came up the river in an Elven boat,
Nobility was etched on his face.
He held on his breast his broken sword,
That he had used to fight, in a far off place.

Tears escaped the prisons of my eyes
As I watched him sail to the sea
And my tears landed in the river, grey,
As my brother floated away from me.

That day is engraved in my mind,
When I had found him lying, so still and so brave,
When I had watched him float away,
On the tide to a watery grave.

“Remember this day little brother.”
Those words will never stop haunting me.
His face is forever in my mind,
Always as I gaze, at the lonely sea.

- Queen of Gondor