Remembering Bill

If only the light in your eyes still shone,
Like it did long ago when I first met you.
When your eyes twinkled in the bright sun,
I saw your heart, and I knew it was true.

Though sadness yet lingered in your eyes,
You carried on because you did what was right.
And far you walked, through marshes and grass,
In daylight or the darkest of night.

Against evil, for good, your heart remained true,
And a brave fire still burned in your heart.
A heavy load was placed on your shoulders,
And you did not give up, you played your part.

My friend, every day, I still remember you,
One of the best friends you were to me,
So forever and a day will I remember your soul,
And you’ll still be with me, when I cross the sea.

- Queen of Gondor