We Won

A Monosyllabic poem for Helm's Deep.

We had no hope, the foe was strong
The hours wore down, no help to see.
The night was cold and dark and long,
But then the light showed in the East.
The end of war at last did come,
The night had killed both weak and bold.
The dark flew back as came the sun,
The day rose up all white and gold.
One horse reared back and gave a neigh,
Our fight for life was not for naught!
He led the troops all down the way;
A faith in hope is what he taught.
As foe fell down, by blades twain cleft
We knew the claim, for fight we must.
No vent for foe, front, right or left
And so they ran far off from us.
The men did shout and give a cheer,
The foe no more would beat or kill.
Our folk were safe to know no fear,
To sleep at peace and heal their ill.

- Primula