Tom and Goldberry

- Primula

An acrostic poem

Tell me again your tales
Of all the long ages past,
Memories that only you now know.

Begin with the beginning, when
Oceans were clean and pure, when the
Moon sparkled like a newly-minted coin
Beaming with soft-woven silver rays
Across a land of rich earth for planting.
Delight me again, beloved, with your
Idle humorings and fanciful verse.
Laugh again for me, my darling and my master. 

Always I will sing for you,
Never will I leave you,
Daughter of the River, my love. 

Graceful as the flowers that bloom
Over our doorway in the springtime,
Laughing eyes and shining hair,
Desire of my heart, the wonder of it
Brought to fullness in your gentle touch.
Every day I think only of you.
Raise your hand for me to kiss;
Reveal to me your innermost heart.
Your Tom, and only yours, forever.