Stone Trolls

Following a smooth, broad path,
The sun's bright shining overhead -
They leave behind a forgotten hole
With its dusty bones and broken jars;
Abandoned long, but made by trolls.
Surely there are none here now!
Merry and Pippin hide their fear
And bravely forge ahead.

Running back, with widened eyes,
There's trolls ahead, Pippin gasps -
Well, we'll look at them, Strider says
And chooses a good and hefty stick.
Bravado forgotten they let him lead,
Nervously, they follow behind,
Peering through the trees ahead.

Get up, old stone! He cracks the stick
Upon the troll and smiling, waits.
By day you thought to frighten us, Pip?
You are forgetting family history!
These are the three that Gandalf fooled
While they argued over thirteen dwarves,
And one burrahobbit for their meal:
Note the bird's nest behind his ear.

Under the warmth of the noonday sun,
They take their meal in the shade of trolls.
A time of distraction from all their cares,
A time for Frodo to rest a while,
Easing his wound in daylight's warmth
Lifting the mists from his eyes a bit.
Give us a song or a tale, says Pip,
We've had no cheer, since that dark night...

Sam recites a rhyme, a fine troll-tale -
Where did it come from? From his own head,
Thus proven a poet in his own right.
From his master - a smile now rarely seen:
There is more to Samwise Gamgee than I thought, says he,
First he conspires and now he jests;
He will be a wizard or a warrior next!
I hope not, says Sam,
For I don't want to be neither.

- Primula