A Sonnet for Haldir

(based on Shakespeare's sonnet LXXXIX)

Say that thou didst forget Elves; fearsome fault,
And I will comment upon that offense.
Speak of our lameness, and I straight will halt,
Against thy reasons making pointed defence.
Thou canst not, Dwarf, disgrace me half so ill,
To set your form within our beauteous wood,
As thy'll thyself disgrace; as knowing naught will.
I would acquaintance strangle, and look strange,
Be absent from thy walks; and in my tongue
They well-deserved "name" no more shouldst dwell,
Lest I (who breathes softly) should do it wrong,
And happily of your old acquaintance tell.
For thee, against myself I'll vow debate,
That I will ne'er hate him thou dost hate.

- Primula